Brownfield recycling and property development


Project details

On the site of the rolling mill in Ilsenburg, a new production facility (finishing shop) with a hall floor area of about 30,000 m² was built on the site of the former gas generator plant (CHC and PAH damage from the operation of the former gas generation plant). For this purpose, the remaining contaminant hotspots in the subsoil were remediated after the demolition of the buildings and facilities, and the soil and foundation remains from the excavation area, which were contaminated to varying degrees, were removed and disposed of (a total of approx. 380,000 t of soil and construction debris).

Total project duration: 2014 - 2020
Total project costs: > €100 million
Area size: approx. 60,000 m²

BIG's share of benefits:

  • Site investigation for the recording of building pollutant registers and for the delineation of hotspots as well as for the preliminary declaration under waste law of the soils to be excavated.
  • Land management planning
  • Participation in the planning of the earthworks
  • Preparation of work and safety plan
  • Project-executing agency services within the framework of the release from liability for contaminated sites (application for funding and settlement of accounts)
  • Preparation of and participation in the award of waste management services within the framework of public procurement law (EU-wide award procedure)
  • Expert monitoring of the excavation work
  • Safety coordination (BaustellV and TRGS 524)
  • Disposal management incl. electronic waste verification procedure (eANV)


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