Investigation and remediation of contaminated sites

Altability examination and -refurbishment

The safe, proper handling of contaminants in groundwater, soil and building fabric is one of BIG's core competences. Our working methods comply with legal requirements as well as ecological and ethical principles and lead to economic solutions to problems.

Our range of services includes the investigation and assessment of contaminated sites as well as the development of efficient dismantling and remediation concepts for former industrial and commercial sites and conversion areas. Many clients also make use of our expertise in contaminated sites to review the remediation concepts of third parties ("second opinion") or have us monitor the proper execution of the remediation work.
  • Risk assessment
  • Redevelopment planning
  • Expert construction supervision
  • Soil monitoring during construction
  • Soil management
  • Initial Status Reports (ACR)

Contact Person

Investigation and remediation of contaminated sites Christian Poggendorf +49 (0) 511 899 223 0