Occupational safety and health protection

Arjob security and Health protection

Occupational safety and health protection are indispensable in the modern working world, both in the public sector and in the private sector. For many years, BIG has been a competent partner in the implementation of occupational health and safety management systems and in conducting safety audits for operational processes.

We provide comprehensive advice to public and private clients, prepare work area analyses and risk assessments, whether in stationary operations, on construction sites, for activities in contaminated areas or for other handling of hazardous substances. In addition, as an officially recognised training provider, we regularly offer seminars on all aspects of occupational safety and health protection.
  • Safety and Health Coordination (SiGeKo)
  • Safety coordination (DGUV Regulation 101-004 / TRGS 524)
  • Expertise for working with hazardous substances (TRGS 519, TRGS 521)
  • Provision of occupational safety specialists (FaSi)

Contact Person

Occupational safety and health protection Axel Schulz big-h@burmeier-ingenieure.de +49 (0) 511 899 223 0