Investigation and remediation of contaminated sites


Project details

In Kiel, a total of nine adjoining shipbuilding halls of different sizes and an office building are to be constructed on the site of thyssenkrupp Marine Systems GmbH. For this purpose and for the construction of a large traffic area, it is necessary to demolish the existing buildings. In total, eight existing buildings and one above-ground tank are to be demolished on an area of about 25,000 m². The foundations of the former crane facilities in the north and east, which have already been demolished, and the surface pavement are also to be demolished.

For the foundation of the halls, which cover an area of 10,000 m² and have a minimum height of 25 m for the crane hook, the operational building and the traffic areas, subsoil investigations as well as orienting environmental investigations of the land areas to be built on were necessary.

Client: thyssenkrupp Marine Systems GmbH
Total project duration: 2016 until 2021
Total project costs: approx. € 56.0 million
Area size: approx. 2.5 ha

BIG's share of benefits:

  • Subsoil investigation incl. detailed planning of the exploration programme, technical supervision of the exploration work and performance of soil mechanics laboratory tests
  • Geotechnical report according to DIN 4020 (A7) incl. information on characteristic soil values and foundation recommendation incl. environmental assessment
  • Environmental investigation (orienting investigation) incl. preparation of an investigation concept, technical supervision of the field work and coordination with the environmental authority
  • Examination of the building fabric for use-related building pollutants incl. creation of a building pollutant register and deconstruction concept.
  • Investigation report with evaluation and assessment of the orienting investigation incl. risk assessment
  • Planning, tendering and supervision of demolition work as well as coordination in accordance with TRGS 524 / DGUV-R 101-004 for work in contaminated areas taking into account TRGS 519


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